Smashing Your Guitar – Wait Until You’ve Got A Few

One of the things that any self-respecting rock god must have done a few times in their life is one of the daftest things a musician can do – but apparently irresistible nonetheless. When you finish playing a set, you raise your guitar above your head, strike a pose and then smash the instrument against your amps. There are many bands who have managed to rack up a pretty impressive bill for damages at least once a tour. Most famously, English mods The Who used to do it pretty regularly. The Manic Street Preachers also did it more than once, and it is many bands’ end-of-tour ritual. But when you are just starting out, it isn’t the wisest step.

Guitars cost money to buy and to repair. Most of the time, when you are starting out you will only have one. So no matter how much fun it may have looked when you saw some real rock legends smashing up their gear, it is a good idea to remember that there isn’t a record company standing behind you with a credit card ready to pay for the equipment you have smashed. When you only have one guitar it is advisable to take great – almost exaggerated – care of it, because only by advancing with that one will you be able to move on to a more expensive model.

You see, when a millionaire smashes up his guitar and has a rack of spares, it’s rock and roll. But when a beginner smashes his up, he has to wait some time before he can play again.

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