If At First You Don’t Succeed…

The first time you pick up a guitar and try to play it, you will probably not get very far beyond strumming the strings a couple of times and getting a noise that is on the very far outside wing of what is considered “music”. It’s the same for most guitarists first time around, no matter how brilliant they go on to be. The tricky part can be keeping your patience while you try to relate the things you do with your hands to the noises you are trying to achieve. It won’t happen overnight, but if you can keep your mind on the job you will get there – and that’s when the fun really starts.

The truth is that no instrument can be learned overnight to the level of quality that you routinely hear on records made by signed bands. The drums may seem simple to those who look at a drum kit, but the moment you stop concentrating on what you are doing and let actual thoughts enter your head, it can be really off-putting. It takes all sorts of co-ordination to get a usable drum sound, believe it or not. The bass, the violin, the accordion, the bagpipes – yes, even the bagpipes! – take some perseverance and talent to learn.

In a way, the music that you end up making is a reward for and a reflection of the effort and the perseverance that it took to get you to that stage. It is a great deal of effort but the truth is that it is better when you work for what you achieve.

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