So You Want To Be A Guitarist?

One thing that is familiar among music fans is the tendency to psychoanalyse band members based on the instruments they play. The singer in a band is considered the narcissistic one, who craves attention. The bassist is seen as the quiet, unassuming one who will only be noticed if they are not there. The drummer – well, there are so many drummer jokes that it is hard to know where to start, but they are often seen as the beating heart of the band. What about the guitarist, though?

There are probably no statistics to prove this, but when bands split up due to “creative differences” – which usually means they hate each other – the most common source of the split would seem to be the guitarist and the singer not getting along. The guitarist is considered the “musician” of the band, and the source of tension is often a perception on the guitarist’s part that the singer is simply in it for the fame, while the singer for their part feels that the guitarist is pretentious and dull.

For people watching from the outside, this is a lot of what makes bands great. However, if you are in a band it can be somewhat tiresome. Should you be considering learning to play guitar it is worth remembering that most bands split before they ever become famous. Make sure you are taking it up for the right reasons, because if you learn to play guitar only to find out that you don’t get along with singers, you’ll need to really enjoy playing to make it feel worthwhile.

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